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The best path on your journey to success isn’t always the most obvious and that’s why Bridgewater State University, together with its two largest college partners in the state – Bristol Community College and Massasoit Community College – created the CC2BSU program.

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With a pathway through CC2BSU, you will experience a commitment and dedication to your college success that’s unsurpassed by any other college or university in the state – public or private. You will join not one, but two great campus communities where students from all backgrounds find their place and develop their definitions of success.

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Admission Guaranteed

Transfer into BSU once your associate degree is earned without providing an essay or paying a fee – remember, you’ve already been guaranteed admission and will enter BSU as a junior.

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Gwenevere Marchand
Gwenevere Marchand
AGE: 21
MAJOR: Physical Education
“General education courses are general education courses and prerequisites are prerequisites. Why pay double when you don't have to? At Massasoit, financial aid covered the cost of my tuition, fees and books. I commute to BSU and, thus far, have been able to pay monthly without taking a loan.”
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While at Bristol or Massasoit Community College, you will receive frequent advising from your CC2BSU advisor who will develop a tailored, comprehensive advising plan to help you stay on track and monitor your progress to ensure a smooth transition to BSU.
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Save as much as $7,500 while earning your associate degree – all while preparing for BSU.
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Come to BSU’s beautiful 270-acre campus to attend sporting events, concerts, theatrical performances, speaker series and cultural events … or just to meet up with friends.
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In Residence
You can participate in a residential program on the BSU campus with your peers in the CC2BSU program.
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Keep In Touch
Attend CC2BSU-related workshops, events, tours and mid-semester luncheons while you're studying at Bristol or Massasoit Community Colleges.
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Nicholos Walsh
Nicholos Walsh
AGE: 20
MAJOR: History, Secondary Education
"If you're not 100 percent positive in what you want to do, starting at a community college is smart. In a sense, going to Bristol Community College helped me grow up. I couldn't rely on someone else, I had to just do it. I commuted to Fall River, Taunton and Attleboro for my classes to learn to get ready to work."
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Career Focused
Benefit from career exploration at BSU through its nationally recognized Career Services Office.
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Say 'Cheese'
Get your CC2BSU photo ID while attending BCC or Massasoit to take advantage of your BSU opportunities – including discounts!
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Experience the BSU community with your access to facilities such as the Maxwell Library, the Thornburg Fitness Center and the university’s book store.

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Study abroad students in the field

With good academic standing at your community college, study abroad with BSU in one (or more!) of its 75 programs in 35-plus countries while earning your associate degree.

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Students at Commencement
Friends You Know
More than half of BSU’s undergraduates have transferred – just like you. And half of our transfers are from Bristol and Massasoit Community Colleges!
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Prepare Now

BSU offers more than 90 different courses of study, preparing students for careers and graduate education in a wide range of fields and professions.

If you applied to BSU but did not meet the admit criteria and wish to participate in CC2BSU, please email to let us know and we will share your application with Bristol or Massasoit Community College.

If you are a Bristol or Massasoit Community College student and wish to enroll in CC2BSU, please fill out a brief CC2BSU enrollment form. Once there, you can select either Bristol or Massasoit Community College. Your CC2BSU advisor will be in touch very quickly to set up an appointment so you can begin your journey.

CC2BSU Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the CC2BSU program?

A: The CC2BSU program guarantees admission at Bridgewater State University to all participating students who earn their associate degrees at Bristol Community College or Massasoit Community College. The CC2BSU program provides a collaborative framework though which BSU and the community college focus their efforts on providing students with access to the most affordable, high quality, and convenient associate to bachelor degree pathways in the commonwealth. BSU offers participating students the ability to work with a BSU advisor in addition to their community college advisor to develop a comprehensive advising plan, which serves to align community college course credits with academic programs at BSU. Additionally, students will have the ability to utilize several BSU campus resources and participate in student life opportunities and experiential learning programs at BSU.

Q: Am I eligible to enroll in the CC2BSU program?

A: CC2BSU builds upon A2B Pathways and Commonwealth Commitment academic programs. Students looking to participate in the CC2BSU program are encouraged to enroll in CC2BSU upon entry to their respective community college. However, students are still be eligible to participate depending on the number of their completed credits. Please consult with a CC2BSU advisor for more information on eligibility.

Q: What if I enroll in CC2BSU but do not complete my Associates degree?

A: If you enroll in CC2BSU but do not earn an Associate’s Degree at your community college, you will be required to complete the standard transfer application process at BSU. If you complete the MassTransfer block at your community college, you will select the BSU MassTransfer application option.

Q: How will my credits transfer from my community college to BSU?

A: CC2BSU college credits are based upon the A2B Pathways and Commonwealth Commitment degree pathways. Approved programs are designed to transfer and coincide with the general education foundational core and certain major programs at BSU. Developmental coursework will not transfer to BSU and students are required to meet the minimum grade requirement for all courses. If you have specific questions about transfer course applicability, please consult with a CC2BSU Advisor.

Q: How do I connect with a CC2BSU advisor?

A: If you would like to schedule a time to meet with a CC2BSU advisor, please contact:
Jeffery Sarahs
Associate Director of Transfer Services
& CC2BSU Advisor
Bridgewater State University

Q: How do I obtain my CC2BSU student ID?

A: There will be events hosted at your community college inviting you to obtain your CC2BSU student ID. However, if you are unable to attend an event you may obtain your CC2BSU student ID at the location below. You will need to provide a valid license, passport ID, or student ID in order to obtain your CC2BSU student ID.

Parking Services & Connect Card Office
Hunt Hall, Room 001
26 School Street
Bridgewater, MA 02325
M-F 7:30AM - 5:00PM

Q: How do I obtain my CC2BSU parking decal?

A: You may obtain your CC2BSU parking decal at the location below. You will need to provide a valid license, passport ID, or student ID in order to obtain your CC2BSU parking decal. Your decal will expire at the end of each semester so you will need to renew your decal each semester at the location below.

Parking Services & Connect Card Office
Hunt Hall, Room 001
26 School Street
Bridgewater, MA 02325
M-F 7:30AM - 5:00PM

Q: Can I bring guests when I attend Bridgewater State University and/or events hosted by Bridgewater State University?

A: If the student engagement opportunity you intend to participate in and/or attend has specific procedures for inviting guests, you will be responsible for abiding by those event-specific guidelines.

Q: Who do I call when there is a problem or when I need information?

A: Please do not hesitate to contact BSU’s campus police department at 508-531-1212 should you need assistance.

Q: How do I enroll in the CC2BSU program?

A: If you currently attend or plan to enroll at Bristol Community College or Massasoit Community College and want to participate in CC2BSU, simply visit the website and fill out the online enrollment form. If you’ve applied to BSU and were not accepted, please send an email to and indicate that you wish to participate in CC2BSU and which community college you would like to attend. To help guide you through the CC2BSU enrollment process please click here: How to Enroll in CC2BSU.

Q: Campus Map: Where do I park on campus and how will I learn my way around?

A: As a student enrolled within the CC2BSU program, you are allowed to park in the following designated Commuter Parking Areas on BSU’s campus: Spring Street Lot, Hooper Street Lot, Hooper Street Lot Extension, Swenson Field Lot, and the Parking Garage. Please refer to the CC2BSU Campus Navigation Guide for further details on parking as well as how to navigate additional resources.

Q: What are the benefits associated with participating in the CC2BSU program?

A: There are many various benefits associated with the CC2BSU program. Please see the CC2BSU Advantage Card to view a list of the prominent features of the CC2BSU program as well as the resources you’ll access as a CC2BSU student.

Q: How do I sign up for BSU events and when should I use my CC2BSU student ID?

A: While visiting Bridgewater State University’s campus and when engaging in BSU sponsored functions, please be sure to always bring your CC2BSU student ID. Your student ID will be needed at various times and in order to access specific amenities and campus events. Additionally, to learn about campus activities and events that you can attend, you may access BSU’s Student Involvement Network here: Please note: If you are interested in attending an event noted on the Involvement Network you will RSVP to the event using your username and password and an event pass will be granted to you. Your username and password should be included in the confirmation email you received for BSU’s IT Support. If you have questions regarding your username or password, please contact IT Support Services at 508.531.2555 or for assistance.

Q: When visiting Bridgewater State University’s campus and/or when participating in Bridgewater State University sponsored events, what policies and community standards am I responsible for abiding by?

A: CC2BSU students participating in programs, events, and campus related activities at Bridgewater State University will be responsible for abiding by and adhering to all institutional policies at Bridgewater State University as well as their respective community college. Participating students who violate Bridgewater State University’s Student Code of Conduct will be subject to BSU’s standard conduct review process and such incidents will be reported to the student’s corresponding community college. Please review Bridgewater State University’s Student Handbook & Code of Conduct for more information regarding community standards.

More Questions?

If you would like to schedule a meeting to learn more about CC2BSU benefits and what academic program may be best for you, please contact Jeff Sarahs at or call 774.222.8660.

Appointments with your CC2BSU advisor will be held weekly at your community college. If you prefer to schedule your CC2BSU advisor meeting on BSU’s main campus, please specify when you contact Jeff. Appointments at Bridgewater State University will be held at the following location:

Welcome Center, Room 103
45 Plymouth Street,
Bridgewater, MA 02325

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